In this issue, learn more about IDRC’s research on tobacco control. We also announce our new initiative in Myanmar and IDRC board member Sophie D’Amours is the first woman rector elected at Université Laval.

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Tobacco control research at IDRC

IDRC has supported international tobacco control research for more than 20 years and is recognized as a pioneer in treating tobacco as a development issue. Through partnerships on tobacco control, IDRC has successfully informed health policies.

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Canada’s Minister of International Trade meets IDRC-supported researchers in Chile
Sophie D’Amours becomes first woman rector at Université Laval
Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar
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Past events

Partners from Rimisp at IDRC publick event, Ottawa, Canada

IDRC contributes to UN Report
In March 2017, the United Nations High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment published its final report on how to combat gender inequality in the formal and informal economy.

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Research in action

Senior GSDPP Fellows, Prof Thandika Mkandawire and Honorary Prof Trevor Manuel

Smoking: Africa fights back
There are over 1 billion smokers in the world, and 80% of them live in developing countries. Determined to prevent disaster, Senegal is taking the lead in the war against tobacco.


Senior GSDPP Fellows, Prof Thandika Mkandawire and Honorary Prof Trevor Manuel

Curbing tobacco use in Senegal
The Consortium pour la recherche économique et sociale helped to curb tobacco use in Senegal by generating an evidence base for reforming taxation of tobacco products.

The collapse of a garment factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Vaccine victory
Lorne Babiuk, a Canadian virologist, developed a breakthrough five-in-one livestock vaccine that could transform the lives of millions in Africa and beyond. Presented in partnership with Canadian Geographic, these stories are published monthly on the Charting Change blog.
IDRC Books
Book cover: Evaluation in the extreme

Revitalizing health for all
Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) focuses on health system efforts to improve equity in healthcare access, community empowerment, participation of marginalized groups, and actions on the social determinants of health. This book examines 13 case studies chronicling efforts to implement CPHC reforms from countries around the globe.

Careers and competitions
Call for civil registration and vital statistics system experts
June 30, 2017, by 11:45pm (EDT)
Call for proposals for three Asian market-entry studies
June 30, by 11:45pm (EDT)
Call for expressions of interest for capacity development of Myanmar’s think tanks
July 24, by 11:45pm (EDT)
Call for concept notes for research on gender equality and decentralization in Myanmar
August 7, by 11:45pm (EDT)
IDRC Research Awards 2018 Call
September 6, by 4:00pm (EDT)
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