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Pour une meilleure adaptation de la riziculture atry » aux changements climatiques : le cas de Marovoay, à Madagascarg

22 avril 2016

Madagascar’s Plain of Marovoay, the country’s second rice bowl with some 15,400 hectares of rice fields, is experiencing problems related to climate variability. The rainfall patterns on which rice production depends are changing. This case study explores options that local producers tested, such as using short-cycle varieties of rice. Researchers led by the University of Antananarivo found that maintenance of irrigation dams and canals is crucial for rice growing in the shortening rainy season.

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This brief resulted from two projects from the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program: the research project Vulnerability and Adaptation of Agricultural Systems in Madagascar and the mentoring project Promoting Participatory Action Research through Structured Learning on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa.

The Adaptation Insights series is a joint publication of the International Development Research Centre and the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), supported by the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program.