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IDRC welcomes its 2021 Research Award Recipients

5 de Enero de 2021
IDRC is pleased to announce the winners of the call for the 2021 IDRC Research Awards.

The IDRC Research Awards offer recipients a one-year program at IDRC that includes field research (virtual in 2021) in a developing country on a topic within IDRC’s thematic areas of focus. The program also provides hands-on experience in research management, grant administration, and the creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge from an international perspective.

This year’s Bentley Research Fellowship was awarded to Abdul-Rahim Abdulai, who is completing a PhD in Geography at the University of Guelph. The Fellowship will support his research on “Digitalization of smallholder agriculture: pathways to food security and livelihood-based agricultural systems resilience in northern Ghana”. 

Meet the 2021 Research Award Recipients and learn more about their research topics: