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Call for expression of interest launched: Catalyzing change for healthy and sustainable food systems in eastern Africa

3 de Junio de 2020
IDRC is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity to advance the generation and use of context-specific evidence that will drive changes in food systems and enable healthy and sustainable diets in eastern Africa.
Funding at IDRC

“Catalyzing change for healthy and sustainable food systems in eastern Africa” aims to support robust and innovative research that enhances understanding of which policies and interventions promote greater market competitiveness of nutritious and sustainable food and contribute to healthier and more sustainable food systems.

This funding opportunity will form part of a new initiative that seeks to improve the health and wellbeing of low-income and vulnerable populations who face the double burden of malnutrition and environmental threats like climate change.

Applicants are encouraged to address at least one of the following research themes:

  1. Public policies (driven by scientific evidence) that increase the affordability and accessibility of protective foods relative to unhealthy, ultra-processed foods.
  2. Enhanced rules, conditions, and dynamics of business environments that shift the behaviours of markets towards the production and consumption of affordable protective foods.
  3. Empowerment of consumers and civil society groups that  generate greater local demand for affordable and sustainable protective foods and promote effective and accountable public policies.

Read more about this call for expressions of interest.

The deadline to apply is Friday, 26 June 2020 (17:00 EDT).