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Economic growth and gender equality

Does economic growth impact gender equality? And conversely, does gender equality impact economic growth? GrOW-supported projects seek to provide a deeper understanding of these relationships.

The University of Göttingen leads a GrOW research consortium to understand the impact of structural change and growth in the economy on women's employment opportunities and the type of jobs they can obtain. The Urban Institute leads a program on how to make economic growth work for women.

A research project in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire compares differences in growth patterns and job creation in the two countries, and how these have affected women's economic empowerment, particularly around extractive industries. Research led by the universities of Chicago and Stellenbosch is generating evidence on how women's political participation and representation in Africa influences the connection between economic growth and women's economic empowerment.

Here is some of the evidence emerging from the research.


Gender, institutions, and economic development

The working paper explores the drivers of and changes in gender gaps across sectors and their overall effect on development outcomes, such as economic growth and reductions in mortality.


The win-win case for women's economic empowerment and growth: Review of the literature

The paper reviews preliminary findings gathered through the GrOW program and provides context for evidence that will be generated by GrOW partners in the final year of the program.


Increasing women’s support for democracy in Africa

The policy brief shares research findings about the causes behind gender gaps in political participation in sub-Saharan Africa and the impact on women’s economic empowerment in the region.


The pathways for shared prosperity website

This website houses the work from the GrOW research consortium led by the University of Göttingen. It explores the impact of growth and structural change on women’s economic opportunities.


 Videos of researchers describing “Making growth work for women in low-income countries” project

In this video series, GrOW researchers from the Urban Institute explain the factors­ — including rights, cultural norms, and market integration — that influence how women benefit from economic growth.