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Escalonando la agroecologia: Procesos y aprendizajes de cuatro experiencias en Chile, Cuba, Honduras y Perú

Claudia Ranaboldo and Carlos Venegas
Plaza y Valdés, IDRC

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The agroecological approach has become widespread in Latin America over the last decades, increasingly attracting the attention of several sectors, from the most academic through public and private organizations, and even to social organizations and movements.

This book is the result of the Scaling-up Successful Agroecological Experiences in Latin America project, which was funded by the International Development and Research Centre (IDRC). In the context of this Project, “agroecological scaling-up” was defined as “a notable increase in the knowledge and management of agroecological principles and technologies among producers, communities, agroecological zones and different social and economic conditions, and among institutional actors linked to the agricultural development of the rural sector”.

The book presents the main processes and knowledge acquired through monitoring four experiences in Chile, Cuba, Honduras, and Peru. As a result, the key dimensions identified for scaling up are institutional organization, coordination between knowledge systems, and coordination with the markets.

The authors

Claudia Ranaboldo is a senior researcher with the Centro Latinoamericano para el Desarrollo Rural (Rimisp). She is the coordinator of the Proyecto de Desarrollo Territorial Rural a Partir de Servicios y Productos con Identidad.

Carlos Venegas is the Regional Director of the Centro de Educación y Tecnología (CET) and is the coordinator of graduate studies on agronomy sustainable rural development at the Universidad ARCIS Patagonia.