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IDRC is among the organizations proudly representing Canada at the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP27) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), November 6–18, 2022, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. A key gathering of the international climate change community, COP brings parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC.

This year’s COP marks the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the UNFCCC. Over the past three decades, climate change has moved from occupying a relatively small place on the international agenda to becoming a global priority as the pace of climate change and its impacts have reached alarming levels.

IDRC has long recognized the importance of meaningful action to address climate change, including through Southern research that informs solutions to this global problem. Our innovative programming and collaborative partnerships seek to address the multidimensional development challenge that climate change represents.

As an official UNFCCC observer, IDRC is participating in a range of activities during COP27, including special events and expert panels. IDRC-supported researchers and partner organizations will share their work, highlighting how research investments foster innovation in climate adaptation, build resilience and contribute to evidence-based solutions and policy development.

As the host country, Egypt has designated several thematic days for focused discussions. On Gender Day, for example, IDRC is hosting an event at COP27’s Canada Pavilion. The session will focus on forward-looking insights on integrating gender equity and women’s empowerment into climate adaptation and mitigation interventions in the Global South.

This is only the fifth time that the annual COP gathering is being held in Africa. COP27 thus provides an opportunity for Africa to show its leadership in climate action and for African researchers to call attention to the vital contributions they are making towards building a more inclusive, sustainable world.

IDRC and partner activities at COP27

Tuesday, 8 November

Climate adaptive heat action plans for vulnerable communities

17:30–18:15 EET | Hatshepsut

Hosted by Integrated Research and Action for Development

Wednesday, November 9 (Finance Day)

From learning to influence: The effectiveness and impact of youth capacity-building initiatives

11:30–12:30 EET | Fourth Capacity-building Hub

Hosted by the UNFCCC Regional Collaboration Centre-Kampala, United Nations University, Fundación Avina and IDRC

Launch of a new research project “Strengthening loss and damage response capacity in the Global South” 

13:30–15:00 EET | Bangladesh Pavilion 

Hosted by the International Centre for Climate Change and Development, and IDRC

Achieving climate-resilient development in Africa and Asia

16:45–18:15 EET | Thebes, room 150

Hosted by the University of East Anglia and the National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership-India

Inclusive NDC financing – opportunities and challenges for Africa 

17:00–18:00 EET | NDC Pavilion 

Hosted by the Africa Research and Impact Network

Thursday, November 10 (Science and Youth Day)

Financing the global just transition and the need for combining detailed and high-level approaches

11:30–13:00 EET | Hatshepsut, room 300

Hosted by NewClimate Institute for Climate Policy and Global Sustainability, Fondation Jean-Jaurès, Observer Research Foundation and IDRC

Climate change in Africa: What will African climate-resilient development look like? 

15:00–16:30 | South Africa Pavilion  

Hosted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 

Informal consultation l Health and climate change priorities and potential outcomes for COP28 

18:00 EET | UNFCCC Lotus room 

Hosted by Wellcome, WHO, the Ministry of Health and Prevention of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Reaching the Last Mile, GLIDE, and the UAE’s Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change 

Friday, November 11 (Decarbonization Day)

Science-policy-implementation interface for food systems transformation and NAP (national adaptation plan) implementation in the Middle East and Africa

11:45–13:00 EET | SDG Pavilion

Hosted by UNDP, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in the United Arab Emirates and IDRC

Unlocking finance for locally led adaptation

16:45–18:15 EET | Hapshepsut, room 300 

Hosted by SouthSouthNorth

Building resilience in the East African Community and sub-Saharan Africa: Challenges and opportunities 

16:45–18:15 EET | Tutankhamun, room 100 

Hosted by the East African Community, the African Centre for Technology Studies, Conservation International and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Elevating youth voices on climate action

Global Centre on Adaptation and African Development Bank Pavilion

Hosted by AGI

Saturday, November 12 (Adaptation and Agriculture Day)

Locally led adaptation: bringing the local agenda forward 

9:30–1100 EET | Benelux Pavilion  

Hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Voices for Just Climate Action and CDKN 

How to implement food systems change

12:00–13:30 EET | Australian Pavilion

Hosted by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

A food system in crisis: Gender equitable responses to build climate resilience

13:30–14:30 EET | Canada Pavilion 

Hosted by Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Adaptation Futures 2023: Time to innovate, adapting together

14:45–15:45 EET | Canada Pavilion 

Hosted by Ouranos

Monday, November 14 (Water and Gender Day) 

Driving gender equality through climate action

9:00–10:00 EET | Canada Pavilion

Hosted by IDRC

Appropriate framework for multi-stakeholder engagement to support youth and women innovators and entrepreneurs in implementing climate solutions in Africa 

10:00–11:00 EET | UN Climate Change Global Innovation Hub 

Hosted by United Nations University and IDRC  

Tuesday, November 15 (Energy and Action for Climate Empowerment Day)

Reaching resilience: African solutions for the African continent

9:00–10:00 EET | Africa Resilience Hub

Hosted by the Africa Resilience Hub

Enhancing gender-responsive adaptation and integration of sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender in climate policies

11:30–13:00 EET | Khufu, room 300

Hosted by the United Nations Population Fund, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, UNDP and IDRC

Youth-led solutions: Putting people and the planet first through innovations from the Global South 

12:35–13:35 EET | Children and Youth Pavilion 

Hosted by UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited and the Impulsouth alliance consisting of the United Nations University, Fundación Avina, FLACSO Ecuador and IDRC

A conversation about climate literacy and mobilities in Africa

13:00–14:30 EET | Climate Mobility Pavilion

Hosted by the African Climate Mobilities Initiative

A food system in crisis: Gender equitable responses to build resilience to climate and other shocks

18:30–20:00 EET | Khufu, room 300

Hosted by Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief

GLOCAL: Innovative financing for scaling-up adaptation in Africa 

18:30–19:45 EET | MDB Pavilion 

Hosted by the African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank and the Africa Research and Impact Network

Wednesday, November 16 (Biodiversity Day)

Putting youth innovation and entrepreneurship at the heart of Africa’s low carbon transition 

11:00–12:30 EET | Africa Pavilion 

Hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, World Resources Institute and IDRC 

Inclusive green finance: How central banks are promoting financial inclusion for climate resilience and mitigation

15:30–17:00 EET | Benelux and EIB Pavilion

Hosted by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Progress and approaches of capacity building for NDC (nationally determined contribution) implementation: Perspectives from the Global South

15:40–16:40 EET | Fourth Capacity-building Hub

Hosted by the Paris Committee on Capacity-building

Top image: Simon Townsley/Panos Pictures