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Lore: Capturing Traditional Environmental Knowledge

Martha Johnson
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Lore offers the reader a wealth of experience to draw upon and gives solid advice for investigative advances.
— Judith D. Mitchell, University of Victoria

A timely and strong contribution to a topic where there has been little existing information.
— Tony Hoare, in Arctic: The Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America

Can Western science gain from an understanding of traditional knowledge? How should this knowledge be gathered? How can it make a difference in managing our natural resources?

Lore breaks new ground in the study of these questions. It is the result of an unusual and important workshop. Researchers from around the globe slept on beds of spruce bows, in Dene tradition, and experienced the scenery of the majestic MacKenzie River in the Northwest Territories of Canada.

This remarkable setting brought practitioners of traditional knowledge and Western science together to discuss issues of pressing mutual concern. Lore, in presenting alternative approaches to these critical global concerns, is a timely and important book for all those interested in the health and, indeed, survival of our planet.

The editor

Martha Johnson holds degrees in Environmental Studies and Anthropology from the University of Toronto and McGill University. She has worked extensively in Canada's North and is former research director for the Dene Cultural Institute. In this capacity, she was the joint project coordinator for the DCI's 1989-91 Fort Good Hope TEK pilot project and the Fort Good Hope workshop.