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AI4D scholarships manager

The Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI4D) in Africa program is dedicated to a future where Africans create and use artificial intelligence (AI) to lead healthier, happier, and greener lives. Like the Internet, AI systems are becoming a new layer of infrastructure with transformative potential. Powered by the increasing availability of computational power, improved connectivity, and big and open data, AI applications offer exciting possibilities for contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A key challenge identified by African industry and academic leaders is strengthening the technical and social capacity to support the rapid innovation necessary for Africa to successfully benefit from these technologies.

The AI4D in Africa scholarship program aims to strengthen the next generation of AI leaders, academics, and innovators in Africa who are focused on advancing responsible AI innovation for achieving the SDGs. This project will support the administration and execution of two scholarship activities: a PhD scholarship program and an emerging scholars program. It will aim to strengthen African public universities' capacity to support leading multidisciplinary research in responsible AI, with a particular focus on institutions in low- and lower-middle-income countries. Specific strategies will be used to expand the diversity of perspectives in the field of responsible AI in Africa, increasing the representation of women and linguistic minorities in cutting-edge technology development.

The AI4D Africa program is a joint endeavour of IDRC and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. The program focuses on three main pillars to advance responsible AI to improve Africans' lives and advance innovation: capacity strengthening and amplifying AI communities in Africa, supporting rights and inclusion through the development of responsible AI policy, and advancing AI innovation networks to address Africa's development challenges.

Identificador del Proyecto
Estado de Proyecto
36 months
Funcionario del IDRC
Loise Ochanda
Total del financiamiento
CA$ 3,102,800.00
South of Sahara
País de la Institución
African Centre for Technology Studies

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