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Canadian development researchers and institutions are essential in our work. They help to solve pressing issues and produce the body of knowledge Canada needs to become more innovative in delivering development assistance around the world.

Linking Canada to the world

Joining Canadians with key players from other countries is central to our work — whether linking individual researchers or putting people and institutions together.

While working with some of the brightest minds in Canada and the world, we’ve found that knowledge-sharing through networks and regions helps widen the impact of the research we fund. It is through the interaction of ideas, people, and money in worldwide development research and policy that we put our principles into action.

Funding Canadians

Our fellowships and awards fund innovative work by Canadian and developing-country students who are completing their master’s, PhD, and post-doctoral degrees. This funding not only helps developing nations, but also gives a new generation of Canadian students the opportunity to conduct field work and participate in international development.

A global perspective

Today, many problems faced by developing countries know no borders, such as climate change, environmental degradation, emerging diseases, and struggling economies. These challenges profit from a global response — benefitting Canada as well as other countries — via our international research initiatives on climate change, food safety, and others.

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