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Women and militarization in South Asia: Media Research Fellowships

May 4, 2016

Panos South Asia and IDRC are working together on “Bringing Women’s Voices into the Mainstream: A Media Research Fellowship on Women and Militarization in South Asia.”  The project aims to improve the conditions of women living under the shadow of guns across the region.

To achieve its goals, 12 journalists from across the region have been selected and put into contact with premier research institutes in South Asia. The project held an intensive training and orientation workshop for the journalists with representatives of the research institutes and senior media personnel in May 2014. The workshop highlighted key issues faced by women in the three conflict scenarios, delved deeper into the issue  the journalists would be exploring, and address issues of sensitive coverage.

The journalists exchanged ideas with some of the best minds in the region and honed their draft proposals to produce media outputs as well as a chapter for a book on the subject.

A number of articles have already been published on topics such as the hardships faced by women on the Indo-Pakistan border and  the targeted attacks on and coping mechanisms of Hazara women, Stories also described how dance and traditional crafts practiced by women have been changed by the conflicts. 

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