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Using Participatory Testing to Build Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in Burkina Faso

April 22, 2016

In Burkina Faso, local cultivation and livestock practices are losing their effectiveness, as temperatures rise and rainfall volumes decrease, exposing farmers to greater vulnerability. This case study demonstrates the role of field schools in testing new strategies and agricultural practices to cope with the challenges of climate change. In participatory research led by the Institut de l’environnement et de recherches agricoles, farmers learned new techniques and practices that enabled them to further adapt.

Download the news letter (PDF, 541KB)

This brief resulted from two projects from the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program: the research project Rural Urban Cooperation on Water Management in Burkina Faso and the mentoring project Promoting Participatory Action Research through Structured Learning on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa.

The Adaptation Insights series is a joint publication of IDRC and the Centre for International Forestry Research, supported by the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program.