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Research tracks growing violence against women in Central America

June 21, 2016

Violence against women and female homicides or femicide, is escalating across Central America.  And despite the efforts of women’s organizations, human rights groups, regional governments, and civil society to stem these crimes, incidents of violence against women remain vastly underreported. Under many legal systems in the region, official records often do not distinguish such crimes as gender-based violence or femicide. Research coordinated by the Feminist Centre for Information and Action in partnership with Horizons of Friendship Canada, aims to bridge  these reporting gaps and to contribute to policies and concrete actions for the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and punishment of femicide in the region. The results of nine case studies were shared with members of the Central American Council of Ministers on Women’s Affairs, other government officials, and representatives from civil society. 

Read We will not forget nor will we accept: Femicide in Central America (PDF)
The report is also available in Spanish.​​