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From learning to policy-oriented research: Lessons from South Africa’s urban violence project


Learning, monitoring, and evaluation (LME) are significant components of the research process for IDRC and their partners. As such, the project “Assessing the impact of state-community collaboration to address urban violence in South Africa” incorporated a learning plan into the design and implementation of the research.

The investigation by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) focused on the CWP, a poverty reduction plan that provides two days of work per week to un- and under-employed South Africans. The study found that in addition to reducing poverty, the CWP contributes to an improved sense of community among participants that helps prevent crime and violence.

This report reflects on the design and implementation of an LME plan for a policy-oriented and community-based research project, identifying the benefits and challenges of conducting LME in such a research context, and sharing lessons learned in the process. It examines strategies, describes specific exercises, and provides examples of occasions when LME shaped the course of the project, providing insight into the role LME can play in improving research and research uptake from a practitioner perspective.

Read the full report (PDF, 515KB).

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