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Improving food security in Latin America and the Caribbean

April 21, 2016


​Around the world, food insecurity affects an estimated 850 million people.There is ample evidence that addressing gender inequalities and empowering women are vital to meeting the challenges of improving food and nutrition security, and enabling poor rural people to overcome poverty.

The Canadian International Food Security Research Fund (CIFSRF), a program of Canada's International Development Research Centre, undertaken with financial support from the Government of Canada, provided through Global Affairs Canada, supports research that addresses the food security challenges facing communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

For example, Canadian and developing country researchers are collaborating to bring about positive change in rural communities across Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Fish farming is greatly improving food security, incomes, health, and quality of life for families in Bolivia.

  • Women are empowered to become leaders in their communities, promoting gender equality.

  • More fruits and vegetables in children’s diets in Caribbean primary schools are helping with child obesity.

  • Improved agricultural yields and reduced losses are improving farmers’ livelihoods.

  • New potato cultivars are increasing yields and nutrient intake of households in  Colombia's Nariño region.

Read more about these results in the Stories of Change series that shares some of the emerging outcomes from CIFSRF research in Latin America and the Caribbean:

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