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Finding decent jobs for Peru's youth


There is an urgent need for solid research and policy guidance to tackle youth employment challenges in Latin America.

In the region almost 9 million youth are unemployed. Regionally, for every three young workers, two are employed in precarious jobs. Peru surpasses the regional average: almost 4 out of 5 young workers have a precarious job (most of them are self-employed or work in small enterprises). 

Findings from the IDRC project “More decent jobs in Peru” are being used to promote youth employment policies and programs in the country. The project, led by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica of Peru (PUCP) in close coordination with the Ministry of Labour and Promotion of Employment (MTPE) and the Consorcio de Investigación Económica y Social,  has developed a research agenda on policies to address youth employment challenges.

“This research has generated new ideas and strategies for the design, execution, and evaluation of labour policies related to youth employment challenges,” said Edgard Quispe, Peruvian Vice-Minister of Labour and Employment. 

With funding from IDRC and the International Labour Organization (ILO), three studies were commissioned to respond to priorities jointly identified with the Labour Ministry. The research findings were discussed in an event co-organized with the ministry, which took place in Lima on August 28-29, 2014.

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