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Countries in transition: Nurturing research in times of turmoil is key to transforming societies


Understanding that times of flux bring both the risk of chaos and the promise of rapid social and economic progress, IDRC has been involved in some 25 countries on the move from war to peace, from dictatorship to democracy, from closed economies to free markets. Support provided to researchers in South Africa, Chile Vietnam, and other countries helped to preserve the spirit and skills of independent inquiry and usher in new eras of hope and change.

South Africa prepares for democracy

When South Africa’s first post-apartheid government took office in 1994, it faced many daunting challenges. But the newcomers were well-prepared to tackle them, thanks in part to a bold IDRC initiative that helped South Africa’s government-in-waiting build the policy-making, economic, and consensus-building capacities it would need to run the country and begin healing the wounds of the past.