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Community Work Programme reduces poverty and violence

Protest to stop the violence in South Africa
Shaun Swingler

South Africa’s Community Work Programme (CWP) aims to reduce poverty, but researchers have found that it also has the unexpected effect of reducing violence. 

In this Impact Story, the Safe and Inclusive Cities initiative highlights how work and wages from this community-driven program has influenced levels of crime and violence in six locations. Research led by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is shedding light on why this might be so, providing recommendations and working with authorities to strengthen the program and make cities safer for everyone.

Learn more about the impact of the Community Work Program in South Africa: Impact story: Making cities safer through work and wages.

Explore the IDRC-supported project, “Assessing the impact of state-community collaboration to address urban violence in South Africa.”

Discover how IDRC is supporting research to reduce urban violence and exclusion through our Safe and Inclusive Cities partnership with the UK’s Department for International Development.

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