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Supporting private sector start-ups in AI4Health ecosystems in SE Asia

How can private sector innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) be identified, nurtured and scaled from the bottom up to mitigate global public health challenges? Based on the premise that the private sector spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and problem-solving is crucial to solving public policy problems, this project aims to jumpstart an ecosystem of responsible, ethical and equitable AI4Health solutions for small- and medium-sized enterprises in AI in Southeast and South Asia.

The project will focus on ventures in sexual, reproductive and maternal health and in pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. It will integrate gender and ethical AI considerations to locate, identify and shortlist promising small- and medium-sized enterprises and innovative start-ups; provide technical, commercial and ethical training from domain experts; disburse IDRC seed funding; and connect and assist with venture capital and related opportunities for commercialization and upscaling. Higher education institutions will be engaged as infrastructure and knowledge partners.

This project is funded under the Artificial Intelligence for Global Health (AI4GH) initiative, which supports applied research, knowledge mobilization and capacity strengthening in the public health sector in the Global South.

Project ID
Project Status
15 months
IDRC Officer
Anindya Chaudhuri
Total Funding
CA$ 232,000.00
Viet Nam
Education and Science
Artificial Intelligence for Global Health
Artificial Intelligence for Global Health
Institution Country
Unlock Impact Ventures Inc.