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Supporting continuous learning and education system resiliency in Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to school closures and disruptions affecting 1.3 billion children worldwide. Education systems are struggling to provide adequate continuous education through a meaningful transition to distance learning. This learning disruption has considerable consequences, including negative impacts on the cognitive, academic, and socio-emotional development of students. In addition, it has stalled or even reversed learning gains in affected regions. It has also reduced the educational attainment of marginalized children, including girls, children with disabilities, and those in refugee and internally displaced communities.

There is a need to support low-income countries in their efforts to provide educational continuity during school closures, as well as generate knowledge to prepare for future emergency situations. Evidence on effective approaches to distance learning and addressing negative consequences of school closures has never been more urgent. This project seeks to respond to this crisis over the short and long term by providing innovative digital solutions at scale and building the capacity of key actors such as teachers, principals, parents, and policymakers to effectively deal with this unprecedented education crisis in Latin America.
The results of this grant are intended to contribute to immediate government responses to the educational crisis as well as more resilient school systems in Latin America that are better prepared for future crises.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
22 months
IDRC Officer
Ben Petrazzini
Total Funding
CA$ 670,800.00
Middle East
West Bank and Gaza
South America
South of Sahara
Education and Science
Education and Science
Networked Economies
Institution Country
Project Leader
Florencia Ripani
Centro Ceibal para el Estudio de las Tecnologías Digitales en la Educación
Institution Country
Project Leader
Javier González
Institution Country
Project Leader
Santiago Cueto
Group of Analysis for Development / Groupe d'analyse pour le développement / Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo


Supporting continuous learning and education system resiliency in Latin America

Supporting continuous learning and education system resiliency in Latin America


This final technical report shows the results and findings of three specific projects that investigate various dimensions of the educational system that are associated with the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had in the provision of quality and equitable education. The overall objective is to study critical factors in the educational system that can support continuous learning and education system resiliency in several countries in Latin America and the global south. Concretely, the first subproject conducted attempts to identify and improve the capacity of educational systems in the Global South to deliver quality and equitable education at distance. This is done by characterizing the level of preparedness countries have for providing distance Learning. This project is called Distance Learning Readiness Index for the Global South. It is conducted in 12 countries, in three regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Author(s): Castillo-Canales, Dante

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