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Measuring adaptation progress in the agricultural sector (MAP Ag)

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change established the global goal on adaptation to enhance adaptive capacity, strengthen resilience, and reduce vulnerability to climate change. It also called for the periodic assessment of progress in achieving the global goal on adaptation (referred to as the global stock take on adaptation). The nationally determined contributions of 80% of developing countries have identified agriculture as an area requiring adaptation and mitigation actions, making this sector one of the most critical in addressing climate change.

As the need to adapt to a changing climate becomes increasingly apparent, tools and guidance are needed to assess the value of different adaptation pathways. To date, there are no universally accepted metrics to measure collective progress on adaptation in the agricultural sector. There is also a general lack of tools and methods for assessing adaptation progress in the context of the global goal on adaptation.

This project aims to improve understanding of the global goal on adaptation and the ability to assess adaptation progress by providing knowledge and information on the effectiveness of adaptation actions in the agricultural sector. The research team will develop tools and a framework for tracking adaptation progress in the agricultural sector and will then apply these frameworks, tools, and knowledge to inform policy, negotiations, and practice. The project is expected to enhance understanding and improve the assessment of collective adaptation progress. A multi-stakeholder forum (Annual Global Adaptation Forum) will be held to share knowledge and experiences that promote ownership of the solutions and that inform global, regional, national, and local climate change policies and initiatives.

Project ID
Project Status
36 months
IDRC Officer
Walter Ubal
Total Funding
CA$ 503,700.00
Institution Country
Project Leader
George Wamukoya
African Centre for Technology Studies

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