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Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar (K4DM): Operating costs for capacity building

In 2015, a historic election voted in a new civilian parliament in Myanmar. Political, economic, social, and administrative reforms are now under way in this emerging democracy.

More than a quarter of Myanmar’s people live below the poverty line, placing it among the world’s least developed countries. Political transition is therefore dependent on meeting basic development needs and improving the lives of ordinary people. There is a need for diverse, informed, and engaged public participation to deepen the democratic process. After decades of forced closure, the country’s main university has been regrouping, along with other think tanks, institutes, and civil society organizations that could help steer these reforms.

To sustain democratization in Myanmar, IDRC and Global Affairs Canada are launching a new initiative called Knowledge for Democracy (K4DM) to nurture meaningful dialogue and engagement in the transition process and promote economic growth that benefits all. The overall goal is for women and men to benefit, regardless of ethnicity, from a transition to democratic development in Myanmar. Working with other development partners, the initiative targets diverse and complementary entry points to strengthen analytical thinking and research capacity. It will do so at both the organizational and individual levels among civil society, business leaders, and government, including legislators and policymakers. K4DM will work with other stakeholders to host policy dialogues, and reach out to strengthen the use of science and evidence by the media. The partnership will also support organizations with the potential to serve as think tanks and fund comparative research projects.

The present project covers the operational costs of the new initiative, including two full-time staff, travel, and administrative costs. Given the complexity of working in Myanmar, staff will need to play a more engaged role than typical in such partnerships. The staff under the initiative will be responsible for project delivery and monitoring and communications, supported by relevant partners working in Myanmar.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
58 months
IDRC Officer
Edgard Rodriguez
Total Funding
CA$ 1,771,009.00
Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar 2017-2021