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Gendering the Green Generation: reducing gender inequality and increasing the share of women in the benefits of development projects in Morocco

Despite the critical roles rural women play in agriculture and food security, men and women have different levels of access to and benefits from productive resources. In Morocco, for example, research has revealed that projects funded under the Green Morocco Plan (2008––020), which took a traditional approach to gender, have not benefitted women equally. Morocco’s new development strategy for the agricultural sector, the “Green Generation 2020–2030”, will capitalize on the achievements made by the Green Morocco Plan, but its limited focus on gender will likely deliver the same unequal results.

The overall objective of this project is to reduce gender inequality as a barrier to women seeking to increase their share in the benefits generated by the Green Generation. It will focus on the province of Rhamna, where gender equality is a key challenge. The project will generate knowledge on the root causes of gender inequalities, pilot interventions to reduce these inequalities in nine of the 28 projects supported by the Green Generation in this province and formulate evidence-based recommendations for communication to policymakers in general and to the Green Generation in particular. In the process, women’s agencies will be empowered and better positioned to play an effective role in gendering the implementation of the Green Generation.
This project is part of a cohort of seven projects supported under IDRC’s Transforming Food Systems Initiative in the regions of Central and South America and the Middle East and North Africa. This initiative aims to foster transformation toward equitable, sustainable and diverse food systems that build the resilience of communities vulnerable to climate change, pandemics and other critical pressures and shocks by understanding mechanisms through which equity-seeking groups can benefit from and drive the change process, both at the local level and at scale.

Project ID
Project Status
42 months
IDRC Officer
Marwan Owaygen
Total Funding
CA$ 992,700.00
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Institution Country
Universite Mohammed VI Polytechnique