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Enhancing agribusiness economic opportunities of rural women and girls

This project aims to improve the technical capacity and economic status of women and youth involved in agribusiness. It combines research and training approaches to generate new evidence and explore the potential and challenges of the agribusiness sector to generate productive employment and empower women.

Using data from Uganda, it will examine the determinants of agribusiness growth and recommend practical policy relevant results and directions on how to support and scale-up agribusiness development. The project will also highlight the profile of youth and women engaged in agribusiness, and build their capacity through village skills development and apprenticeship training programs. The Centre for Basic Research will lead the project and will work in partnership with the KiBO Foundation and Awoja Riverside Farm.

Project ID
Project Status
End Date
36 months
IDRC Officer
Paul Okwi
Total Funding
CA$ 437,800.00
Sustainable Inclusive Economies
Employment and Growth
Institution Country
Project Leader
Ibrahim Okumu
Centre for Basic Research


Enhancing agribusiness economic opportunities of rural women and girls in Uganda

Enhancing agribusiness economic opportunities of rural women and girls in Uganda


In terms of economic empowerment, agribusiness can act as an engine of livelihood enhancement, playing a fundamental role in promoting agricultural households to engage in value addition. Project results reveal that trained women and youths statistically and significantly participate in poultry keeping, goats rearing and trade, especially in farm produce. After training, participants significantly participated in growing millet, sweet potatoes, cassava, cow peas, beans, groundnuts, choroko, tomatoes, and citrus. Results also provide justification for education and/or training in agribusiness activities, which should include improved farming practices and crops that can provide agibusiness potential in a particular region.

Author(s): Centre for Basic Research

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