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Developing inclusive resilience to climate change and disasters in Benin

Benin is affected by climate risks varying from intense rainfall events and flooding to drought and sea level rise. The incidence of these climate-related disasters is expected to increase with climate change. Agriculture is the most affected sector, adding to the precarious nature of livelihoods dependent on rain-fed agriculture for food security, employment, and income. While Benin has made strides developing national plans and policies on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction with specific attention to the agriculture sector, these give limited attention to the specific roles, knowledge, and vulnerabilities of women and other marginalized groups. This project seeks to address this gap.

The project aims to contribute to climate-resilient and inclusive development through research that identifies, addresses, and promotes the specific needs of women and other marginalized groups in policies, plans, and programming for adaptation to climate change and disaster risk reduction in Benin. The project will work in eight out of 10 municipalities identified as most vulnerable within Benin’s National Adaptation Program of Action.

The unique vulnerabilities, knowledge, and needs of women and other vulnerable groups will be assessed to develop an inventory of current adaptation strategies. Their effectiveness will be measured to co-develop and test innovative strategies within the target municipalities. Researchers will engage with existing platforms for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation at national and municipal levels. Working directly with local women’s groups, the project is expected to increase the adaptive capacity of at least 1,600 individuals and achieve additional impact through changes to local and national policy and practice.

Project ID
Project Status
36 months
IDRC Officer
Heidi Braun
Total Funding
CA$ 614,600.00
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate-Resilient Food Systems
Climate Change
Institution Country
Project Leader
Cocou Parfait BLALOGOE
Centre de Recherche et d'expertise pour le développement local


Développement d’une résilience inclusive aux changements climatiques et aux catastrophes au Bénin (DERICC-BENIN)

Développement d’une résilience inclusive aux changements climatiques et aux catastrophes au Bénin (DERICC-BENIN)


Author(s): CREDEL

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