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Climate and Development Knowledge Network – Accelerating inclusive climate action

In 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change made clear that society has entered a critical juncture in its response to the climate crisis. The window of opportunity to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement and a 1.5 ºC world and avoid dangerous and catastrophic climate change is rapidly closing. Human-induced climate change has already caused widespread losses and damages, with the most vulnerable people and places worst affected. The COP26 presidency called for an all-of-society response to adaptation that is underpinned by increased levels of accessible adaptation finance, catalyzes inclusive and equitable locally led action because it is more effective, and harnesses the power of nature to reduce vulnerability to disasters and safeguard food security.

This project rises to that challenge, with the goal of advancing gender-responsive and socially equitable climate-resilient development by mobilizing knowledge into action, Southern climate leadership and capacities from local to global levels. To advance this goal, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) will pursue three core objectives:  support the integration of gender and social inclusion in policies and practice to achieve climate-resilient development; strengthen the implementation of ecosystem-based adaptation to build the resilience of climate-affected communities; and advance access to appropriate and equitable finance for climate-resilient development that enables locally led adaptation. 

CDKN will pursue these objectives with engagement strategies designed to respond to local needs and demand, support transboundary collaboration and learning, and amplify local voices in global policy fora. Efforts will be concentrated on 15 countries in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, selected based on need, existing relationships and opportunities for impact. The project will strengthen the capacities of decision-makers and Southern-based leadership to drive locally led adaptation. It will champion the integration of gender equality and social inclusion in climate change policies from local to global scales; strengthen the implementation of equitable ecosystem-based adaptation; and improve access to adaption finance for locally led solutions. The long term expected impact from this project is improved quality of life and resilience for the most climate affected people, especially marginalized groups.

Project ID
Project Status
56 months
IDRC Officer
Georgina Kemp
Total Funding
CA$ 18,500,000.00
South America
South Asia
South of Sahara
Institution Country
South Africa
Project Leader
Shehnaaz Moosa
SouthSouthNorth Projects (Africa) NPC

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