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AI4GH: Responsive and responsible artificial intelligence for improving sexual, reproductive and maternal health in South Asia

As the world’s most populous region, South Asia also has some of the world’s highest rates of unplanned pregnancies, maternal deaths, unsafe abortions, child marriages and sexual violence. There is also a mismatched demand and supply of sexual, reproductive and maternal health (SRMH) services.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools hold enormous promise for improving public decision-making, increasing productivity and overcoming human resource constraints in public health. However, using these tools carries risks, especially for vulnerable groups in the form of biases arising from the data and models being used and the decisions that they may drive. This project aims to create a research network titled Artificial Intelligence for Sexual and Reproductive Health for South Asia (AI-SAROSH, which translates to “Oh Angel” in Farsi) for identifying, supporting and encouraging cross-learning between multidisciplinary initiatives targeting key issues in SRMH using AI that is ethical, rights-based and inclusive. Expected outcomes include improved understanding of needs, agents, and solutions pathways; strengthened national AI innovation ecosystems in SRMH; and actionable knowledge feeding into policy and practice channels, leading to improved outcomes in SRMH in South Asia.

The network will be managed by a consortium between PHC Global, a private limited company in Pakistan, and GTA Foundation, a non-profit based in Nepal. The project is a part of a CAD15.5 million collaborative investment in the Artificial Intelligence for Global Health (AI4GH) initiative.

Project ID
Project Status
36 months
IDRC Officer
Anindya Chaudhuri
Total Funding
CA$ 1,198,200.00
Sri Lanka
Institution Country
Precision Health Consultants (PHC) Global (Private) Limited

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