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Addressing the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 with a gender lens: food systems, labour markets, and social protection in Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic and confinement are causing severe disruption to labour markets and food security in Latin America, exacerbating structural labour market challenges such as informality, inequality, and low productivity. Millions of workers are left unprotected, highlighting the need to strengthen social protection systems. The impact on the food system is exacerbating inefficiencies and inequalities, putting the livelihoods of small producers and access to healthy food for poor consumers at risk. So far, most Latin American governments have failed to enact policy measures to tackle these problems.

This project will support evidence, technical assistance, and a pilot of policy responses addressing food systems, labour market challenges, and social protection that emphasize gender and diversity. It will propose timely and cost-effective policy responses to foster food security and more efficient and inclusive traditional food markets; support the design and piloting of innovative social protection programs to reach informal workers; and inform temporary employment policies for Latin America to reduce the socio-economic impacts of the pandemic and to promote a more equitable and sustainable recovery. The project will also have global reach and foster Southern researchers’ visibility and leadership, with at least 15 scholars from the region engaging on global policy dialogues on COVID-19 responses.

The project will be implemented in Peru, Ecuador, and two additional Latin American countries that will be selected according to the impact of the pandemic, potential for policy impact, and research capacities.

Project ID
Project Status
30 months
IDRC Officer
Carolina Robino
Total Funding
CA$ 1,481,700.00
South America
Governance and Justice
Institution Country
Project Leader
Ricardo Fort
Group of Analysis for Development / Groupe d'analyse pour le développement / Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo

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