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We are building the evidence base to support sustainable development that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Our program enhances climate resiliency, fosters shared prosperity, and expands economic opportunities for women and youth in developing countries.

A push towards gender equality

Women in developing countries experience discrimination, are up against deep-rooted social norms, and carry the most responsibility for childcare and other forms of unpaid labour. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified these realities and threatens to reverse the gains made towards the SDG 5 target of gender equality. 

We support research that addresses the many systemic gender barriers that prevent marginalized women and girls in developing countries from advancing economically. We help researchers understand how technological change affects lower-income countries' employment opportunities. Research findings also lead to gender-equitable clean technology innovations, green and decent jobs, and private sector actions that improve the economic prospects of low-income women and youth.

Addressing climate change

Economic growth driven primarily by. fossil fuels in advanced economies has led to a global climate crisis. While the poorest countries contribute the least to climate change, they suffer enormous social and economic hardship from its negative impacts. 

To address this, we are strengthening the capacity of key policy actors to develop innovative financial models for low carbon transitions in low- and middle-income countries. We support the integration of environmental sustainability and inclusion into economic decision-making. We also test and scale policy, program, and private sector innovations to promote economic opportunities for vulnerable groups. We do this in micro and small enterprises and value chains that benefit from opportunities associated with low-carbon transitions — such as those linked to agriculture and forestry, industry, energy, and transport. 

Building back smarter

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the costs of inequality and inaction, increasing calls to build back smarter and better. We drive an evidence-based response to global inequality and climate change to solve these complex challenges. We champion the re-thinking of economic growth approaches to build a more inclusive and sustainable future, with the private sector playing a key role.