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We strengthen health systems and policies so they can deliver better maternal and child health, improved sexual and reproductive health and rights for women and girls, and more effective and equitable preparedness and responses to epidemics.

Epidemic preparedness and response

Public health systems globally are struggling to prepare for, detect, and manage pandemics like COVID-19. Persistent structural and systemic inequalities and a lack of policies and resources make it difficult to maintain essential health services.

Our work aims to examine gaps in epidemic preparedness and support gender-inclusive approaches to strengthen health systems and community responses to epidemics in the developing world. Our research investments will strengthen the integration of health research and public health systems to enhance epidemic prevention and response.

Maternal, sexual, and reproductive health for women and girls

Poverty, discriminatory social norms, and inadequate investments or limited access to health services and contraception compromise the maternal, sexual, and reproductive health of women and girls globally. We will build on our track record of implementation research in maternal and child health and scaling health service innovations to improve the full range of women’s sexual and reproductive health, including among displaced and refugee groups.

We work with health policy organizations and decision-makers to foster greater uptake of research findings in the countries where research takes place. These research findings empower health actors with data, innovation, research, and evidence to reverse the structural inequalities that compromise women’s and girls' health.

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