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We fund research that helps build equitable, inclusive and sustainable food systems in developing countries. Our work helps develop resilience among communities severely affected by climate change and address emerging health threats that arise from food systems.

Adapting to climate change

Climate change is among humanity’s greatest challenges. While it affects every country, its increasing impacts disproportionately affect the most vulnerable people — especially women, girls, and marginalized communities in the developing world. And while developing countries are the most affected by climate change, they are the least able to afford its consequences. 

Globally, accelerated action on climate change is needed to avoid catastrophic impacts. We will focus our research in Sub-Saharan African, Asian, and Latin American climate-impact hot spots that prioritize efforts to support responsible food production and consumption.

In supporting adaptation to climate change, we will invest in transformative work that contributes to equitable, sustainable, and diverse food systems — ones that build the resilience of communities most vulnerable to climate change and the emerging health threats that arise. This includes funding research that addresses the systemic inequalities in unhealthy and unsustainable food systems, including the social, economic, and ecological underpinnings of such inequalities. 

Supporting healthier and more nutritious food systems 

The concurrent problems of hunger, ill health linked to diet, food insecurity, threats from new diseases, and antimicrobial resistance are simultaneously rising among people living in poverty in several developing countries. These problems are made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is critical that our funding approach support transformative efforts that are more inclusive of people — in particular women smallholder farmers. We must champion research that addresses planet, human, and animal health alongside environmental, societal, and economic drivers that improve productivity and sustainability, reduce losses and waste, and reduce zoonotic and pandemic threats.

Scaling innovations 

We work with coalitions to amplify knowledge that transforms food systems so they become more sustainable and inclusive, support healthy diets, and improve community resilience. 

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