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IDRC’s experts reflect on the current issues and approaches challenging the international development sector, and the role of research in finding solutions.

Our collaborations with researchers, policymakers, and international development practitioners help to foster leading thinkers with well-informed views. Their diverse insights and opinions represent our commitment to advancing knowledge and using rigorous research to find sustainable solutions to international development challenges.  

Take a look to enjoy fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and astute observations that will encourage you to contemplate the sector’s big issues. 

Despite the challenges, research in fragile contexts must put people’s needs at the centre.
Published date: April 9, 2019
The greatest danger to health isn’t infectious diseases, it’s inequitable and poorly governed health systems.
Published date: April 4, 2019
We need to rethink who is being trained and how to unlock engineering skills.
Published date: April 3, 2019
Gender equality is of as much concern today as it was in 1995, when the United Nations adopted the Beijing Platform for Action, a blueprint for advancing women’s rights.
Published date: March 18, 2019
Research can mitigate destabilizing factors in fragile states and address inequalities that hold back democracy.
Published date: March 14, 2019
Taking a leadership role in promoting socially transformative research to more effectively deal with climate change.
Published date: March 8, 2019
Naser Faruqui argues the timing is not yet right for IDRC to pursue a mandatory open data policy.
Published date: March 7, 2019
Canada is doing its part to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics systems globally.
Published date: March 5, 2019
Engaging young leaders is important for their own growth, and for richer discussion and collaboration.
Published date: February 20, 2019
Artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword — its benefits and pitfalls need to be balanced.
Published date: February 18, 2019