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IDRC’s experts reflect on the current issues and approaches challenging the international development sector, and the role of research in finding solutions.

Our collaborations with researchers, policymakers, and international development practitioners help to foster leading thinkers with well-informed views. Their diverse insights and opinions represent our commitment to advancing knowledge and using rigorous research to find sustainable solutions to international development challenges.  

Take a look to enjoy fresh perspectives, creative ideas, and astute observations that will encourage you to contemplate the sector’s big issues. 

Strategic foresight is gaining currency in international development. What does using it mean for a new adopter and research funder like IDRC?
Published date: July 21, 2023
Evidence from IDRC projects has shown that investing in improving sexual and reproductive health and rights is an effective strategy to transform adolescent girls’ lives.
Published date: July 18, 2023
Gender-transformative research can help advance Southern solutions for gender equality.
Published date: July 17, 2023
How and why to localize knowledge on forced displacement: lessons from IDRC-funded research.
Published date: July 10, 2023
What IDRC and our research partners in the AI sector are thinking in the wake of the ChatGPT revolution
Published date: May 11, 2023
The interlinked causes and consequences of obesity, undernutrition and climate change underscore the need to fix our global food systems.
Published date: April 5, 2023
COVID-19 research initiative achieves impacts and leads to reflections on contributing institutional practices.
Published date: March 10, 2023
Justice strategies are needed to ensure that climate actions don’t exacerbate existing inequalities or create new ones.
Published date: September 14, 2022
IDRC-supported research underscores the important role played by grassroots networks during emergency situations.
Published date: July 26, 2022