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Why registering life events is vital: New animated videos

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems launched two new animated videos, created in partnership with Data2X, that offer a visual guide to the importance of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems for gender equality and legal protections for all.



Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems and Data2X Civil registration is the foundation for legal identity, and it is essential for women and girls to access social protections and benefits.

The video called Boundless potential explains why inclusive CRVS systems are important for achieving gender equality. A disproportionate number of women and children are denied the benefits of CRVS systems and struggle to exercise their rights and access services.

Better data for a better world explains why CRVS systems are important for ensuring legal identity for all. Legal identity is critical to accessing social protection and participating fully in society. It also raises awareness about the important role that CRVS systems play in supporting good governance. 

CRVS systems are foundational for inclusive development. They simultaneously:

  • provide policymakers with data in real time to help them plan service provision; and
  • facilitate access to available services or benefits by equipping individuals with proof of legal identity.

These systems are particularly important for meeting the needs of vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations — the overwhelming majority of whom are women and children. They are also powerful tools for meeting and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals, including achieving gender equality.

The Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems is a global knowledge hub housed at IDRC.

Learn more about why CRVS systems matter on our YouTube playlist.