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Webinar series on gender, COVID-19, and work

Watch webcasts of experts from around the world discussing the gender dimensions of the COVID-19 pandemic.
A woman walks home carrying a baby on her back in Kisumu, Kenya.

Throughout the world, women and girls have disproportionately felt the burden of the pandemic because of the economic sectors in which they work, their increase in care responsibilities, and the deepening inequalities that hold them back.

The Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women — East Africa program, supported by IDRC, co-hosted the webinar series with the Women’s Empowerment in Development Lab (WED Lab) at McGill University.

Webinar topics include labour markets, the care economy and unpaid care work, marriage and fertility, gender-based violence, girls’ education, social protection programs, women and girl refugees, and global governance. The goal is not only to discuss the problems, but also to explore possible policy solutions for women in the labour market.

Find out about the webinars and watch the recordings:

Examining policy solutions to address the impact of COVID-19 on women in the Global South​

Using a gender lens to address COVID19 response in Refugee Settings​​ (watch the recording)

How can we adopt a gender lens to social protection programs in the face of the COVID-19 crisis? (watch the recording)

Effects of COVID-19 on Girls' Education in the Global South (watch the recording)

COVID-19 and Gender Based Violence in the Global South (watch the recording)

COVID-19: Household Structures, Fertility and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in the Global South (watch the recording)

COVID-19 and the care economy in the Global South (watch the recording)

Gender matters: COVID-19 and the labour market in the Global South (watch the recording)