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The Partnership for Evidence and Equity in Responsive Social Systems (PEERSS) recently released its third newsletter to highlight the exciting work that partners are doing to advance evidence-informed policymaking (EIP) in their countries.
A photo of health policymakers and other stakeholders at a meeting in Abuja in April 2021.
Health policymakers and other stakeholders from Northern Nigeria met in Abuja on April 20, 2021

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Co-funded by IDRC and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, PEERSS aims to strengthen the use of appropriate mechanisms and build conducive environments for advancing EIP in social systems, with a focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The partnership brings together organizations from 13 countries to learn from and support each other in promoting the use of research evidence in policymaking.  

​This edition of the PEERSS newsletter features: 

  • A blog from Nigeria’s African Institute for Health Policy and Systems entitled “Building an Evidence Rapid Response unit in parliament: Three early insights.” 

  • blog about African Evidence Week (AfEW), held from September 13-17, 2021, hosted by the Africa Evidence Network. AfEW showcased and promoted the state of evidence-informed decision-making in Africa, specifically highlighting the involvement of decision-makers. 

  • A blog on the Evidence Capacity Webinar held on November 17, 2021. During the webinar, key stakeholders, including the Africa Center for Evidence (ACE), engaged in discussions on how to promote capacity development aimed at system-level change in/for evidence use. 

  • A blog on the WHO Global Evidence-to-Policy (E2P) Summit held from November 15-17, 2021, which brought together global experts and stakeholders to determine the state and perspectives of evidence-informed health policymaking and decision-making beyond the pandemic. PEERSS partners, ACE in South Africa and the Knowledge to Policy Center in Lebanon, participated in a session titled “Institutionalizing‌ ‌evidence-informed‌ ‌decision-making‌ ‌for‌ ‌effective‌ ‌health‌ ‌policy‌.” 

  • During Innovation Week 2021, themed "Dare to Transform", ACE and Instituto Veredas participated in a round table discussion titled “Insights to Strengthen Collaborative Research Networks” on November 10. 

  • The Unit of Evidence and Deliberation for Decision Making in Colombia recently published a rapid review on the intersection of artificial intelligence and the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click here to view the resource. 

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