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Special magazine issue highlights IDRC support of local knowledge

September 26, 2022
An IDRC-supported special issue about localizing knowledge production on forced displacement is being published by the Oxford University-based magazine Forced Migration Review.
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Forced Migration Review
Cover image of the Forced Migration Review special issue.

Although the Global South hosts the vast majority of the world’s displaced populations, most research guiding policies on refugees comes from the Global North. It is crucial that the knowledge of people with lived experiences of forced displacement informs local, national, and global responses and helps to identify long-lasting solutions.

Produced in partnership with the Local Engagement Refugee Research Network (LERRN) at Carleton University, this Forced Migration Review special issue, called “Knowledge, Voice and Power”, amplifies the voices of those with experience of displacement. Forced Migration Review and LERRN piloted a mentorship program designed to promote the inclusion of authors who have forced migration backgrounds or who are from the Global South. The selected authors explore the barriers to localization of knowledge production and reflect on issues such as self-representation, refugee participation, access, influence and meaningful partnerships.

The special issue of the magazine launches on September 28, 2022 at 9:30 EDT. It will be available free of charge in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

IDRC actively supports the localization of knowledge on forced displacement. Its flagship initiative in this area supports research chairs in eight universities, with a current call for proposals to establish four more research chairs in North and West Africa.