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Reimagining the meaning of research

April 4, 2022
A new IDRC position paper argues that we must rethink the way we evaluate science.
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As a steward for research and innovation, IDRC believes that high-quality research can open pathways to a better future for all. IDRC’s Research Quality Plus (RQ+) approach helps cultivate a new vision of research quality to address complex challenges and support sustainable development. 

A newly published position paper describes the RQ+ approach, and IDRC’s experience using RQ+ in a full organizational evaluation with leadership from IDRC's College of Reviewers. Readers will learn how the framework has been fine-tuned and put into action at IDRC and will be invited to engage with the framework themselves.    

RQ+ offers a practical response to assessing research quality that is relevant for actors in national science systems who seek to improve the way we govern scientific progress and sustainable innovation. Offering a new way forward, RQ+ provides a call to imagine a new vision of research quality that meets the world’s evolving challenges.  

Read the new position paper in EnglishFrench or Spanish.