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New publication on civil registration and social protection systems

August 4, 2020
The Centre of Excellence for Civil Registration and Vital Statistics systems is pleased to announce the launch of The Nexus Between Civil Registration and Social Protection Systems: Five Country Practices.
A woman stands outdoors in a long line of people waiting to vote in Juba, South Sudan
Tim McKulka / UN Photo

Civil registration is the foundation for legal identity and it is essential to access social protection, to vote, or to claim an inheritance.

The compendium highlights efforts to improve public sector service delivery based on universal civil registration in Argentina, Chile, Namibia, South Korea, and Tunisia.

The case studies provide information and guidance for politicians, policymakers, organizations, and development professionals on the link between civil registration, identity verification, and social programs to improve the delivery of social protection services.

The compendium is available to download for free in English, French, and Spanish.

The importance of legal identity to social protection

Without a legal identity, it is difficult to access social protection services and nearly impossible to participate in modern life. Millions of people are left on the margins of society as a result, especially  in countries with fragile economic and political climates, where institutions are weakest and there are few resources to break the cycle of invisibility and exclusion.

Legal identity is also a precondition for sustainable development. This is acknowledged in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically in SDG 16.9, which calls for “legal identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030.

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Download the country case studies:

About the Centre of Excellence for CRVS Systems

Housed at IDRC, the Centre of Excellence supports global efforts to strengthen civil registration and vital statistics systems. It collaborates with organizations and experts to facilitate access to information and expertise, including global standards, tools, research evidence, and good practice. Funded by Global Affairs Canada and IDRC, it contributes directly to the work of the Global Financing Facility.

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