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New guidance for researchers aiming to scale results

May 8, 2020
Scaling is a priority for IDRC and the broader development community, but achieving impact at meaningful scales is far from straightforward. The Scaling Playbook addresses the “how to” gap.
Cover of the Scaling Playbook

“Scaling impact” implies optimizing results in ways that will matter to people and our planet. IDRC approaches scaling as a means to achieve impact that matters, yet challenges the predominant more-is-better paradigm of scaling.

Developed from lessons that emerged through an exploration of IDRC-supported research, the Scaling Playbook is based on the premise that scaling in research for development requires ongoing attention from the first steps of framing a research project through to its implementation, reporting, sharing, and beyond. It provides guidance to researchers through each stage of a typical research process to help put scaling intentions into action and to encourage researchers to revisit scaling plans on an ongoing basis. The Playbook includes case studies that demonstrate how some IDRC grantees have integrated scaling into their research, as well as workbooks to facilitate easy uptake of the tool by research teams.

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