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KIX funding to build knowledge and capacity to scale educational innovations

July 8, 2020
The Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) will award CA$3.5 million to a project that seeks to scale up educational innovations in developing country contexts by building knowledge and capacity. 
A teacher stands in front of a classroom of children.
GPE/Kelley Lynch

The project will consist of action research and complementary research paths. The action research component will support and systematically learn from the scaling efforts of KIX global and regional grant projects to strengthen their results and contribute to broader learning about scaling. The complementary research will examine factors that enable and impede scaling efforts, drawing on the perspectives of national educational stakeholders involved in scaling pathways.

The project will be led by the Brookings Institutions’ Center for Universal Education (CUE), which was selected through a two-stage competitive selection process. CUE brings strong scaling expertise that has been developed through two phases of the Millions Learning Project

By working with KIX-funded projects and national educational stakeholders across different contexts, the project will: 

  • enhance the quality and results of scaling research and efforts of KIX grantees; 
  • develop new knowledge about scaling educational innovations in ways that optimize quality, equity, efficiency, and sustainability of impacts in developing country contexts; and 
  • provide conceptual and practical guidance on scaling educational innovations for education policy and planning in developing countries. 

The project is part of the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, a larger joint endeavour between IDRC and the Global Partnership for Education that seeks to strengthen national education systems and accelerate educational progress in the Global South. 

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