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Initiative nurtures new generation of actors for an inclusive Myanmar

November 23, 2022
Four years of online training, fellowships and support for research on digital rights gets underway as the second phase of the Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar initiative launches in Bangkok on November 25, 2022.
A photo taken from above of dozens of people standing in a large hall looking at information displays. 

Supported by Global Affairs Canada and IDRC, Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar nurtures a new generation of young actors to promote inclusion, gender equality, respect for diversity and prosperity for all in Myanmar. Its programming — based outside of Myanmar’s borders — aims to develop a strong and well-informed civil society in support of an inclusive vision for the country and democratic gains achieved prior to the 2021 military coup.

Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar supports a wide range of activities under the following projects:

As this initiative begins, the many actors it supports and stakeholders concerned about Myanmar’s democratic development will meet at the Knowledge Marketplace – Bangkok 2022, from November 25 to December 4.

Knowledge for Democracy Myanmar was launched in 2017 by Global Affairs Canada and IDRC. An initial investment over five years helped to strengthen local research and analytical capacity after decades of systematic underinvestment that had eroded Myanmar’s internal capacity to generate sound advice for public policy.

With renewed support from Global Affairs Canada and IDRC, the current four-year phase of programming builds on this initial work and aims to protect gains in Myanmar’s civil society, with a particular focus on gender equality. 

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