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IDRC’s 2023-24 Research Award recipients

The IDRC Research Awards offer recipients a one-year program at IDRC that includes field research in a developing country on a topic within IDRC’s thematic areas of focus. The program also provides hands-on experience in research management and the creation, dissemination and use of knowledge from an international perspective.
IDRC’s 2023-24 research awardees.
IDRC’s 2023-24 research awardees.

Meet the 2023-24 Research Award recipients and learn more about their research topics: 

Maria Paula Espejo

Hosted by IDRC’s Climate-Resilient Food Systems (CRFS) program, Espejo’s research is titled Gastronomy & peace: A case study on how Colombia can build a sustainable future. As the CRFS Research Awardee, Espejo was named as the 2023 Bentley Research Fellow. Espejo is a doctoral candidate at Western University, Canada, specializing in Hispanic studies with a focus on transitional justice and post-conflict reconstruction.

Peris Kung’u 

Hosted by IDRC’s Global Health program and based in Nairobi, Kenya, Kung’u’s research is titled Vaccine hesitancy among pastoral communities in Kenya: A qualitative study. Kung’u was chosen as the 2023 Hopper-Bhatia Research Fellow. She is concluding her postgraduate studies in veterinary epidemiology and public health at the University of London, United Kingdom.

Dorothy Massa

Hosted by IDRC’s Democratic and Inclusive Governance program, Massa’s research is titled Ascertaining the protection experiences of refugee women at risk in light of social protection interventions and policy measures in Uganda. Massa is a third-year doctor of social sciences candidate at Royal Roads University, Canada.

Hannah Whitehead 

Hosted by IDRC’s Education and Science program, Whitehead’s research is titled Investigating the impact of education quality on child labour and academic outcomes in rural Côte d'Ivoire. Whitehead is a PhD student in the developmental psychology and education program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada. 

Nnenna Okoli 

Hosted by IDRC’s Sustainable Inclusive Economies program, Okoli’s research is titled Exploring the role of conditional cash transfers in driving economic empowerment and clean energy use among poor women in urban Nigeria. Okoli is a PhD candidate in the international development program at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Janick Beaulieu 

Hosted by the Advisory Committee on Research Ethics and IDRC’s Global Health program, Beaulieu’s research is titled Exploring the participation of women and key stakeholders in Canadian international development projects: The case of sexual and reproductive health and rights projects on Cotonou (Benin). Beaulieu is a doctoral student in international development and globalization at the University of Ottawa. 

Betsy Muriithi

As a Professional Development awardee hosted by IDRC’s Artificial Intelligence for Development and Education and Science programs, Muriithi’s research is titled Health analytics maturity model for health information systems in low-resource settings. Muriithi is a research fellow at @iLabAfrica, Strathmore University, Kenya.

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