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IDRC partners put care economy on the Asia-Pacific and G20 agendas

IDRC and several other organizations partnered with the Asia Foundation to organize the Bali Care Dialogue immediately preceding the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Bali from November 12 to 14. The dialogue aims to leverage global momentum around gender equality in the care economy while advancing the issue in the Asia-Pacific region.
A young woman washes clothes in several plastic bins, with water pouring from a tap on the wall.
J. Aliling/ILO

The Bali Care Economy Dialogue will focus on actionable policies and strategies to build a resilient care-work ecosystem in Asia and the Pacific. The event will allow policymakers, practitioners, the private sector and community-based organizations to engage in deeper discussions on practical solutions and collaboration.

IDRC’s initiative on Transforming the Care Economy through Impact Investing will be featured through the participation of our partners in the dialogue: Intellecap, Value for Women and the UN Women’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. Their contributions will help mobilize impact investing and leverage entrepreneurship to grow sustainable and inclusive economic opportunities in the care economy.

In partnership with the UN Research Institute for Social Development, IDRC is also launching new action research to support the Global Alliance for Care through funding to generate data and evidence for care policies in Latin America and the Caribbean. The project will also facilitate peer learning and collaboration across the Global South.

The dialogue is also an opportunity to explore the intersections between the care economy and climate action. IDRC will launch a new report mapping women’s economic empowerment, care work and clean energy.

The Bali Care Dialogue will help seed interest for the G20 Summit in India and other relevant global platforms where robust policy and programmatic commitments can be made to accelerate change for a fairer care economy.

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