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IDRC highlights how research helps #GoForTheGoals for International Development Week

IDRC will mark the 33rd annual International Development Week (IDW) with a week-long campaign examining the importance of research for development and voices from the Global South to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
IDW 2023 Graphic

IDW, which runs from February 5-11, aims to build awareness about how Canada’s international development contributions are changing millions of lives for the better, while also serving as a call to action for Canadians to help advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

IDW’s #GoForTheGoals theme is especially important this year as the world marks the halfway point of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Each day of International Development Week, IDRC will leverage our social media channels to explore the intersection of food security and selected SDGs. 

The state of global food security and the COVID-19 pandemic are closely intertwined. The first year of the pandemic, 2020, also marked the single largest increase in global hunger and malnutrition ever recorded. In 2021, food insecurity continued to worsen with up to 828 million people facing hunger and, according to the FAO, an additional 8 million to 13 million people being undernourished, with women and girls impacted the most. The impact of the war in  Ukraine produced an additional major shock to an already strained global food system,  sparking record-high food, fuel and fertilizer prices. 

Under our Strategy 2030, IDRC is investing in knowledge, innovation and solutions for equitable, sustainable and diverse food systems. Current food systems must be transformed to achieve the SDGs by 2030. IDRC is contributing to this transformation by scaling innovations to make food systems more resilient and ensuring equitable access to nutritious food.