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IDRC is participating in the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 30 – December 12, 2023.
A woman working in vegetable plots around which villagers are planting seeds
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IDRC representatives and research partners will host and co-host several panel discussions and side events at COP28 on a range of important climate-related topics. IDRC has a long experience in supporting Southern-led research in such areas as such as adaptation planning and early action, food systems, finance, justice and the transition to a low-carbon future, with an overall focus on gender equality and social inclusion.  

At the Canada Pavilion, for example, IDRC will host a high-level panel on strengthening the Global South’s capacity to respond to the irreparable losses and recoverable damages caused by climate change extremes and climate-related slow-onset events. With a focus on vulnerable communities, the discussion will seek to contribute to the COP28 negotiations on operationalizing the new loss and damage fund agreed at last year’s COP. 

Information on IDRC and partner events can be found below. 

This year’s COP marks the end of the first global stocktake, under the 2015 Paris Agreement, to evaluate progress towards the goal of limiting global warming. Amid mounting calls for urgent climate action around the world, member states will deliberate how to accelerate meaningful steps towards the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the UNFCCC. 

Having long recognized the importance of meaningful action to address climate change, IDRC is proud to be an official UNFCCC observer and part of Canada’s presence at this crucial climate change gathering.  

IDRC-hosted/co-hosted events at COP28

Sunday, December 3 

Launch of the Clean Energy for Development: A Call for Action initiative 

8:00-8:30 GST │Francophonie Pavilion 

IDRC is investing in research covering 27 countries of the Global South on how small businesses can drive and benefit from energy transitions while enhancing economic prospects for women and youth. This session will bring together some of the research partners to discuss how they are working directly with the implementers, investors and funders of low-carbon energy projects and investments to address persistent barriers and identify inclusive practices. 

Hosted by IDRC 

Road to ICPD30: Enhancing rights-based NDCs and integration of gender-transformative approaches 

15:00-16:30 GST | SE Room 7 

This side event will unpack specific activities and commitments on sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender, women’s health, youth and human rights in current nationally determined contributions (NDCs) and provide a platform to share country experiences, best practices and opportunities to scale action with the aim to enhance the policy and program capabilities of key actors and policymakers ahead of the next cycle of NDC updates. 

Hosted by UNFPA, WHO, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and IDRC  

Strengthening loss and damage response capacity in the Global South 

17:30–18:30 GST | Canada Pavilion 

This high-level panel will comprise several ministers, senior government officials and experts from the Global South and Canada to amplify the voices and perspectives of the most vulnerable communities and countries on loss and damage action and financing. It will primarily draw on grounded insights and government voices from Vanuatu, Nepal, Bangladesh and Senegal.  

Hosted by IDRC 

Wednesday, December 6 

Climate-related mobility and gender: how to protect the most vulnerable 

17:30 - 18:30 | International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Global Centre for Climate Mobility Pavilion 

Panellists will discuss current and future trends in climate-related mobility and its impact on vulnerable populations and gender equality. They will showcase good practices and policies to augment the resilience and adaptive capacity of vulnerable populations and to reduce the need for climate-related mobility while embracing and supporting movement as a viable adaptation strategy. 

Hosted by IOM and IDRC 

Friday December 8

Climate action delivering for maternal, newborn and child health: Gaps and opportunities 

09:30-10:45 GST | WHO Pavilion 

This side event will feature a panel focusing on challenges resulting from the impact of climate change on maternal, newborn and child health, addressing research approaches, findings and policy implications. This event aims to unpack these challenges as well as locally led solutions that could be scaled in addition to establishing the priority steps required to develop national adaptation programs that safeguard pregnant and postpartum women, newborns and children. 

Hosted by UNFPA, WHO, Amref, IDRC, CHAMNHA and HIGH Horizons consortia 

Other IDRC and partner activities at COP28

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