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IDRC co-hosts symposium to bridge the development and humanitarian fields

March 10, 2020
The impacts of natural disasters and violent conflicts, which can lead to international refugee crises, are increasingly challenging the providers of humanitarian and development aid.

By 2030, half of the world’s extreme poor will live in countries characterized by fragility, conflict, and violence. Poor countries that are already struggling to establish systems to deliver services in stable situations are increasingly dealing with humanitarian crises and the need to host refugees and displaced populations. The realities of working in fragile contexts affect both international aid and development efforts and speak to the need to share knowledge about planning and implementation in these difficult situations.

IDRC and Aga Khan Foundation Canada are holding a one-day symposium to discuss synergies between the humanitarian and development fields with a particular focus on global health and gender. Health considerations are central to people’s wellbeing whether in development or humanitarian situations. Gender considerations are equally critical as marginalized groups – women and girls in particular – are often the most vulnerable.

The symposium will take place at IDRC on March 12, 2020. It will bring together a diverse group of researchers and practitioners from both fields with representatives from the Government of Canada, humanitarian agencies, international nongovernmental organizations, civil society actors, and activists. Through interactive sessions, they will share research findings and experiences, approaches to address health challenges and gender inequality, and technologies and innovations for use in fragile contexts.

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