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IDRC and GAC join leading Southern researchers to build Global Index on Responsible AI

IDRC is pleased to announce that together with Global Affairs Canada, we will support the Global Index on Responsible Artificial Intelligence, a new Data for Development Network initiative led by the South African-based think tank Research ICT Africa.
A male and female researcher stand in a crowd as they are applauded by the audience at a conference.
Christophe Peus
The Research ICT team at the 2022 Paris Peace Forum.

The Global Index on Responsible Artificial Intelligence will measure progress toward the responsible use and development of artificial intelligence (AI) in more than 120 countries around the world from a distinctly human-rights-based perspective. A complementary Global South-focused small grants initiative will run alongside the index to support responsible AI capacity, research and practice at the country level.  

Canada will contribute more than CAD3.3 million to the project. 

There have been significant advances on the principles guiding the ethical use of AI, including the OECD Principles on AI Ethics and the UNESCO Recommendation on Ethics in AI, but new approaches are needed to implement these principles within both the public and private sectors. 

The Global Index on Responsible AI will address the need for inclusive, measurable indicators that reflect a shared understanding of what responsible AI means in practice and to track the implementation of responsible AI principles by governments and key stakeholders at a country level.

There is already a significant amount of interest in this new index. The project was selected as part of the Paris Peace Forum’s Scale-up program and will receive year-long customized, non-financial support throughout 2023.

IDRC has been supporting work around governance, AI and data for several years. This new index builds on the Centre’s support to projects like the Governance Ready AI Index, which tracks how governments around the world are using AI.

Watch the launch of the Global Index on Responsible AI