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IDRC advances knowledge on gender-lens investing in emerging markets

An IDRC-supported special issue on gender-lens investing was recently published in the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment. Gender-lens investing is a growing arm of sustainable finance that considers and measures contributions to gender equality and financial returns.
A woman sits at a table with money in her hands.
IDRC/James Rodriguez
Eli Perez Gomez sits at a table and holds Mexican pesos in her hand in Tonala, Chiapas.

This special issue, Growing Gender Lens Investing in Emerging Markets, includes useful analysis, products and vehicles and explores critical themes to grow and deepen gender-lens investing in low- and middle-income economies. The publication also examines the role that this kind of investing can play in finding solutions to the unequal burden of unpaid and undervalued care work borne by women, an area that IDRC is actively working in. It also makes the case for more Southern-led and women-led investment funds and for a broader definition of gender that includes diverse gender identities and sexualities.

The special issue was edited by IDRC senior program specialist Carolina Robino and Edward T. Jackson, senior research fellow at Carleton University, Canada. It reports on IDRC-supported research in measuring impact and gender diversity on boards.

As the world recovers from the pandemic and addresses climate change, the scaling up of this form of investment can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and transition to net-zero while enabling millions of women to build lives of dignity and hope.

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