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IDRC at Adaptation Futures 2023

September 19, 2023
IDRC is joining members of the global climate change adaptation community at the Adaptation Futures conference, being held in Montreal from October 2-6.
Adaptation futures 2023

The Adaptation Futures conference series is the premier international gathering devoted entirely to climate change adaptation, bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, industry representatives and other stakeholders to present their work in adaption, learn what others are doing and build networks. It is the flagship event of the UN’s World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP).

This year’s conference is being organized by Ouranos, in partnership with the Government of Canada and WASP. 

IDRC, a proud sponsor of Adaptation Futures 2023 (AF2023), is actively participating in the event, hosting or co-hosting over 10 panel discussions on a wide range of adaptation-related topics – from Indigenous perspectives on food systems to resilience building, knowledge sharing, climate justice and more. This rich range of panels will draw on IDRC’s long experience in supporting cutting-edge Southern-led research initiatives aimed at tackling the climate change challenge.  

As part of Canada’s international efforts on climate change, IDRC’s innovative programming and collaborative partnerships are responding to the urgent need for climate action. IDRC invests in a diverse portfolio of climate-related development research, including in the areas of adaptation, resilience, equality and justice, and the transition to a low-carbon future with a focus on social inclusion. 

More than 70 IDRC grantees and partners from across the Global South are expected to travel to Montreal to take part in AF2023 and share lessons and evidence from their work, as well as their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of adaptation. 

This is the 7th Adaptation Futures conference held since 2010, and the first to take place in Canada. 

AF2023 sessions hosted or moderated by IDRC 


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